Partition wall systems created of glass permit transparent room partition. Partition wall systems open, divide and separate rooms in line with the preferred service. At ARN UPVC Windows & Doors, we offer you various design possibilities. Whether as office partition walls, sliding wall systems in contemporary shop fittings, or room partitioning in public establishments or hotels. The glass systems are technique highlights and fit into any fashion of architecture. Different technologies for operational, high load-bearing capacity, and aesthetic solutions are our strengths.

Especially aluminium partition wall systems with glass are utilized in multiple applications. Some of these include employing aluminium partitions to facilitate the period of decoration, lessening environmental air pollution, and Timely wiring of the intelligent electrical communication network; For interior stylists, the margin of dimensional arrangement has a huge help. In decorative glass, aluminium alloy partition walls possess resistance, light, sound absorption, texture, cleanliness, and life and have shown great competitiveness.

Aluminium partition with glass uses an aluminium alloy frame as trim and fixed material. The entire glass (monolayer or double layer) installation is inside the aluminium frame, forming the outcome of the integral partition wall. It is extensively used in homes, offices, car exhibition halls, decoration, and many more. Aluminium frame and glass specifications and the procedure can be customized according to customer necessities.

  • Aluminium alloy shape 1.2mm~2.0mm thickness.
  • Acrylic and fluorocarbon spray
  • Anodic frosting oxidation
  • Powder coating
  • Wood grain transfer printing
  • Electrophoresis
  • Other options

Main Features of Aluminium Partition 

The combination of aluminium alloy and strengthened glass wall illustrates a modern, simple, trendy, and atmospheric style. Toughened glass’s lighting is also ideal for achieving a sound, transparent indoor effect, and flexible arrangement at any inclination. Double glazing with fixed Venetian blinds, without cleaning and upkeep, can adjust the image and light.

Material Preference 

1.Many collocation materials for aluminium alloy partitions must be used to achieve ornamentation and functional requirements. At ARN UPVC Windows & Doors, we reach the ideal effect of the beautiful and outstanding prevailing style.

2.The types of glass profiles enclose ordinary, painted, laminated, frosted, and hollow laminated glass. At ARN UPVC Windows & Doors, we understand the specific needs of the budget and functional areas and decide on cost-effective glass materials for decoration.

3.Attractive and practical to give attention to both: to put the function in the first place in the partition design, based on functional satisfaction to add character hobby and aesthetic taste, design a beautiful and applicable aluminium partition.

Why should you pick aluminium office partitions?

Aluminium Office Partitions assist in establishing a better production environment. They are comfortable to install and not as costly as permanent partitions. Having aluminium partitions in your office has multiple benefits.

  • Distinguish Various Provinces
  • eep and Durability
  • nomical
  • Space-saving
  • Raised Productivity
  • Aesthetic Worth
  • Illumination

Distinguish Various Provinces

It usually becomes difficult for beginners and guests to find their way around the office. Adding aluminium partitions will entitle you to segregate different areas of your office. Adding these partitions will ensure everyone consistently finds their way around your office.

Upkeep and Durability-

Aluminium partitions are effortless to clean and retain. They can be installed without the hindrance of regular maintenance looming over you. These partitions are not inclined to bend or break due to changes in weather conditions. However, they are additionally durable than other portable partitions and will survive a long time.


A cost-effective addition to your workspace is invariably more welcome. Aluminium partitions are exemplary if you want to make a cost-effective acquisition. They encompass both light and heat, making for a comfortable work environment. Moreover, aluminium skeleton partitions can be powder coated to serve your office setup. Aluminium dividers come in a variety of kinds and finishes. They are more manageable to move due to their lightweight compared to heavier glass partitions. Glass partitions have their benefits, and most offices use aluminium and glass.


Aluminium partitions, in widespread, have lower widths than other partitions. Owing to this aspect, they take up much smaller space. The structural virtue of aluminium partitions does not approximate up to glass partitions; therefore, using aluminium dividers over other materials is not advisable to hold a room. On the other hand, aluminium walls tend to stick out and not mix with glass walls or cement. Nevertheless, you do have the option of having assorted decor due to aluminium partition walls.

Raised Productivity-

It is heeded that aluminium walls have sound reduction ratings of almost 52dB. This establishes a quiet area for employees and stimulates focus and productivity. Cubicle spaces using aluminium partition walls also give your employees a feeling of ownership. Having private and silent workspaces increase productivity and instill a greater understanding of privacy.

Aesthetic Worth-

You will always have numerous options when choosing aluminium wall partitions. For example, aluminium walls can be used to create stylish internal spaces. In addition, you can play around with designs and colors to create distinctive segregations within your workplace. There is no need to shatter your current wall to accommodate these extensions. Aluminium walls are lighter than other transportable partitions, which makes them easier to install and move around. Offices need constant revamps, making aluminium walls your best and most convenient option. These mobile extensions add a feel of individuality to your workspace design.


Having a well-lit office is very important. It completes a healthy and efficient professional environment. As aluminium partitions are an assemblage of aluminium screens, they assist preserve your office as bright and well-lit. They also help in keeping a lid on the electricity bills.

Final Thoughts

All the advantages mentioned above make aluminium office partitions a perfect choice. They are a cost-effective mode to style up your office area. Please get in touch with us at ARN UPVC Windows & Doors to know better about aluminium partitions. We are the most proper place for catering aluminium partitions services.

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