How to Reinforce uPVC Windows & Doors

uPVC windows and doors are liked because they last long, need little maintenance, and save energy. But, like anything, they might need extra support over time to stay strong and work well. This guide will walk you through A Guide to Reinforcing uPVC windows & doors, covering the reasons for reinforcement, the materials needed, and the steps to take for both windows and doors.

Why Reinforce uPVC Windows and Doors?

Enhanced Security: Making uPVC windows and doors stronger can really boost your home’s security, making it harder for burglars to get in.

Improved Durability: As time goes on, uPVC frames might weaken because of weather exposure. Reinforcing them keeps them strong and sturdy.

Better Insulation: Adding reinforcement can also make your windows and doors better at keeping heat in, which means you save more on your energy bills.

Increased Longevity: Strengthening your uPVC windows and doors right can make them last longer, so you don’t have to spend money replacing them as often.

Materials Needed

Before you start the reinforcement process, gather the following materials:

  • Steel or aluminum reinforcement bars
  • Screws and bolts
  • Drill and appropriate drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Sealant
  • Protective gloves and safety glasses
Reinforcing uPVC Windows
Step 1: Inspect the Windows

Start by checking your uPVC windows for any signs of damage. Look closely for cracks, gaps, or anything else that might need fixing before reinforce them.

Step 2: Measure the Frames

Use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your window frames. This will help you purchase the correct size reinforcement bars.

Step 3: Purchase Reinforcement Bars

Steel or aluminum bars are often used for this. Just make sure the bars you buy fit the size of your window frames.

Step 4: Remove the Window Sashes

Take out the window sashes from the frame carefully. This will make it easier for you to reach the spots that need reinforcement.

Step 5: Install the Reinforcement Bars

Put the reinforcement bars into the window frame. Make sure they fit well and don’t stop the window from working. Use screws to keep the bars in place, and drill pilot holes if needed.

Step 6: Reinstall the Window Sashes

After you’ve put the reinforcement bars in, put the window sashes back. Make sure the windows open and close easily without anything blocking them.

Step 7: Seal the Frame

Use a good sealant around the edges of the frame to make sure no air gets in. This will make your window better at keeping heat inside.

Reinforcing uPVC Doors
Step 1: Inspect the Doors

Just as you did with the windows, begin by checking your uPVC doors for any damage or wear. Fix any problems before you reinforce them.

Step 2: Measure the Door Frame

Measure your door frame to know what size reinforcement bars you’ll need.

Step 3: Purchase Reinforcement Bars

Pick steel or aluminum reinforcement bars that match the size of your door frame. Make sure they’re strong enough to give you the security and durability you want.

Step 4: Remove the Door

Take the door off its hinges carefully so you can reach the frame better. Put it on a flat, steady surface.

Step 5: Install the Reinforcement Bars

Put the reinforcement bars into the door frame. Use screws to hold them in place, and drill pilot holes if needed. Make sure the bars are lined up right and don’t stop the door from working.

Step 6: Reinstall the Door

After you’ve put the reinforcement bars in, put the door back on its hinges. Check that it opens and closes easily.

Step 7: Reinforce the Locking Mechanism

For added security, consider reinforcing the door’s locking mechanism. This can be done by installing a stronger strike plate and using longer screws to secure it to the frame.

Additional Tips for Reinforcing uPVC Windows and Doors

Use Quality Materials: Always go for good-quality materials when you’re reinforcing. That way, your reinforcement will work well and last long.

Regular Maintenance: Do regular checks on your uPVC windows and doors to catch any problems early and fix them.

Upgrade Hardware: Think about getting better hardware for your windows and doors, like handles, locks, and hinges. This can make them more secure and work better.

Benefits of Reinforcing uPVC Windows and Doors
Increased Security

With reinforced uPVC windows and doors, it’s harder for intruders to break in, giving your home an extra level of security.

Better Insulation

By reinforcing your windows and doors, you make them better at keeping the heat in during winter and the cool air in during summer. This means you won’t need to use your heating and cooling systems as much, saving you money on energy bills.

Enhanced Durability

Reinforcement stops the wear and tear that happens over time, especially in places that face tough weather. This keeps your windows and doors in good shape for a longer time.

Improved Aesthetics

By keeping the structure of your uPVC windows and doors strong, reinforcement helps them look better. This can make your whole home look nicer.

Common Issues with uPVC Windows and Doors

Even though uPVC windows and doors have lots of good points, they can still have some problems as time goes on. Being aware of these issues early can help you deal with them quickly.


When uPVC is exposed to really hot or cold temperatures, it can warp. This might make your windows and doors not fit well, causing drafts and making them less energy-efficient. Reinforcement can stop this warping from happening.

Hardware Malfunctions

The hardware on uPVC windows and doors, like locks, hinges, and handles, can wear down as time goes on. Check them regularly and replace any that aren’t working right to keep everything running smoothly and your home secure.


Reinforcing your uPVC windows and doors is an essential step in maintaining the security, durability, and energy efficiency of your home. With the proper tools and materials, you can easily follow A Guide to Reinforcing uPVC Windows & Doors to ensure your windows and doors remain strong and reliable.

At ARN UPVC Windows and Doors, we know how important quality and durability are for your home’s fixtures. Our products are made to give you top security and insulation, but we also know that reinforcement can offer extra advantages. By adhering to A Guide to Reinforcing uPVC Windows & Doors, you can boost the performance of your windows and doors, making sure they last for many years.

Remember, using good-quality materials and doing regular maintenance checks are key for the long-term strength of your uPVC windows and doors. If you need help or expert advice, ARN UPVC Windows and Doors is here for you. Together, we can make sure your home is not only beautiful but also safe and energy-efficient.

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